anthonys shoe repairCelebrating its 20th year in business, Anthony Khattar’s Anthony’s Shoe Repair business in San Diego has been around long enough to see several boot styles come and go. Whether it’s baggy boots, patent leather tops or the current preference for a tight fit through the leg, Anthony’s three shops welcome and are well equipped to handle custom alterations and repairs of all types.

Khattar estimates his three shops work on 600 pairs of equestrian boots every year. Saddle and bridle and other tack repair are another big part of a thriving business that also serves the more normal shoe repair fare of street shoes, purses and all manner of leather goods. A native of Peoria, IL, Khattar approached Mary’s Tack & Feed shortly after moving to San Diego. “I showed them what I could do and they loved it.” Dressage Extensions became another big client, with the catalog company sending alteration work. Contracts with luggage makers and distributors represent another big chunk of Anthony’s business.

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Two decades of serving satisfied
San Diego equestrians.